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We are an extremely customer service oriented group, focused on supplying products to our distributors that really do what we say they can do. We are making available through a retail distribution network in Australia, the best nutrition products we can make or find,  at an extremely affordable price, so that most everyone can easily afford them. Always a portion of our profits will go to carefully selected charitable organisations. We at S.P.H.F. are especially partial to helping widows, single mothers, and orphans.  Proudly we have been supporting the Salvation Army in Australia as a Corporate Red Shield partner          since our start in 2003 .In 2005 we addedAfrica Inland Mission International ( www.aimaust.org.au )helping with victims of AIDS especially partial to single mom's dealing with AIDS and abandonment.On the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland Australia we are active in our our ongoing support of the local church being  www.dreamcentre.com.au on the Gold Coast.

Overseas we proudly financially support the 
Good works of the Buntain Ministry in Calcutta 
India.The Buntain Christian charitable ministry
overseas is a very large hospital serving and 
ministering hope and love to the poor of india.

They are at: www.buntain.org 
or: www childrenneedlove.org

Our Statement of Faith.
" What good you do for someone else, God will  make happen for you"

We are diligently striving for Energised 
long life with good health, and  we  will 
continue to supply new and exciting 
products that assist in doing just that !

Our contract product packaging company Portion Packers 
Australia in Brisbane has a GMP A rating, the highest rating 
available (FPA) Food Processing Accreditation.As well they are
HACCP accredited.They are audited on site every six months 
by government agency Safe Food Queensland for your 
assurance of top quality product and packaging 
from start to finish.

Certificate of analysis for Okinawa Coral Calcium    (link)

Scientific Study;

A Japanese study from 2000 measured the cancer-preventive activity of coral calcium against that of calcium carbonate.Colon cancer cells were used in the study.It was found that coral calcium tended to inhibit greater numbers of cancer cells than calcium carbonate.Furthermore, at higher doses coral calcium stimulated greater activity of natural killer cells and macrophages.
The strength of coral calcium can be attributed to it's many minerals.

Full,unabridged article
with references available from www.freedompressonline.com

Under the Microscope - Ca Coral Superior Calcium Source

There are still many people who believe that Coral Calcium is nothing more than hyped Calcium Carbonate. Although it is true that the calcium found in coral is indeed a carbon based molecule, giving it a calcium carbonate classification, the photos below clearly depict the fact that there is an immense difference between organic coral calcium, and inorganic calcium carbonate. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words; in this case it could be a million.

Calcium CarbonateFigure 1B
                                  Coral Calcium                       Calcium carbonate

Figure 1B: High power microscopic photographs of coral calcium, and calcium carbonate (plain). 
The porosity of coral calcium (43%) exceeds calcium carbonate. This enhanced porosity gives 
special physico-chemical characteristics to coral calcium. More minerals may dissolve when water
 is filtered through coral and more of the contents of the water may be extracted 
(loosely termed the “detoxifying action of coral sand”).

A Wellness Guide@ Natures Benefit From Coral Calcium Sorting Facts from Speculation Stephen Holt MD

Coral Calcium Purity
Coral Calcium Purity & Coral LLC product, a test above the rest.

Pure food advocates applauded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this 
June when the federal watch dog service established new regulations to require
 good manufacturing practices (cGMP) for dietary supplements. The rules represent 
an important step forward in  the dietary supplement industry. 
The new rules require testing for potency and purity, better record keeping,
and established guidelines for manufacturers. 
However, despite these new rule,s loop holes exist: Manufacturers’ won’t be
 required to disclose additives or fillers in their products if these were put in the raw materials
 that a manufacturer purchased. This is a big loophole.
. Pure food advocates are calling for complete disclosure from cradle to consumer
. Fortunately as important as the new regulations are,
 a few elite US companies have set their goals much higher and are attempt
ing to not only meet but also exceed these new FDA regulations.

One such company is Coral LLC, our favorite coral.
 Almost a year before the FDA announced their guidelines, Coral LLC, which
 introduced eco-safe above sea coral to the United States, already was making
 industry news and earning consumer raves when it established its own self-imposed
 standards, which exceed the FDA regulations. 

In this toxic world, it is no secret that health-conscious shoppers are increasingly
 seeking purer and purer products. It is a reflection of these toxic times that
 more health-conscious consumers equate product purity with safety 
and value and more shoppers than ever are making the connection that, 
in a global economy, knowing the values of companies you patronize is really
 just a common sense method of self protection

For Coral LLC formulas, all fillers, flowing agents, excipients, and 
magnesium stearates have been completely eliminated and every capsule 
contains an additional 20 percent pure coral calcium minerals. Theirs is a" cradle
 to consumer " disclosure policy, exceeding the FDA guidelines coral ll joins 
a growing list of companies that no longer use magnesium stearate. 
Small amounts of magnesium stearate are used as a filling agent in the 
manufacture of medical tablets and capsules. When used properly, magnesium stearate is u
seful because it has lubricating properties, preventing ingredients from sticking to 
manufacturing equipment during the compression of chemical powders into solid tablets. 
However, if overused, some manufacturers say it could inhibit nutrient absorption. It is 
increasingly found in processed foods and some no-additive advocates say it should be 
eliminated or phased out, especially from the so-called purest labeled products. 
But Coral LLC does something else that isn't embodied by the FDA guidelines. 
They look at the process from cradle to consumer. To Coral LLC, how their 
materials are obtained and processed is critical. Another way Coral LLC exceeds 
the FDA guidelines is that their eco-safe above sea coral is 4 the doctors prescription 
for healthy living Resources Coral Complex and Eco Pure Coral Powder are 
exceptional coral mineral products. Not only do these products use coral from
 above-sea and ecologically safe reefs, their quality is considered to be among 
the best in the natural products industry. For more information, or to order pH p
aper, visit www.coralcalcium.com or call Coral LLC at (800) 882-9577.

Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute. The OMRI provides 
organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent
 review of products intended for use in certified organic production, 
handling, and processing and Coral LLC coral minerals from Okinawa 
and the Caribbean as approved for use as organic materials. This is important 
to consumers who want to be sure the companies they value are ones 
looking out for the environment. Coral LLC is the only supplier of coral today
 that is labeled safe above sea. Their supplies are from ancient coral beds that 
are now well above sea level and that are very pure because they date 
from long before the industrial age. No wonder their materials are 
approved by OMRI.
 So for anybody looking for one of the best calcium sources today
, Coral LLC is the premiere choice.

  Asia-Pacific agent for  Coral LLC bulk fossilised coral calcium powder

Good record keeping so as to ensure traceability is essential in the food industry. Picture shows food technologists auditing Portion Packers production records.

In July /08 we also became new proud sponsors and supporters of Compassion children throughout Africa.
Structured Water

What is Structured Water (also called Clustered Water)?

We now have the technology to see a molecule of water magnified over 20,000 times and to photograph it.   In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, began photographing different waters around the world, including Coral Water.
 He noted that healthy water formed a completed hexagonal crystal structure, while urban tap water and contaminated water was very disorganized. See photographs below:
                             The Structure of The Water Crystal                        


                   CITY TAP WATER                    CORAL CALCIUM WATER     

Note how the Coral Calcium transforms even tap water into a beautiful hexagonal crystal structure.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen, an expert in clustered water, has demonstrated that these crystal clustered water molecules support the function of our D.N.A. 

Three Nobel prize winners in Advanced Medical Research discovered that the primary function of D.N.A. is in the transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy.

Clustered Water molecules activate the power and natural genetic sequence to receive and transmit electromagnetic information every moment of our lives.

We exhaust our resources of D.N.A. clustered water crystals as we age. Over time,  this can affect our natural ability as beings to receive and transmit at the D.N.A. level.

Every function of our body is dependent on our D.N.A. structure to be healthy at a high level. 

The clustered coral water is a profoundly amazing vehicle enabling us to experience our highest potential.